Samantha Drazin

Dear Dr. Galitz,

Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation for your generosity in allowing me to observe so many procedures; I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity. To be quite honest, I almost gave up my dream and goal of becoming a plastic surgeon. Internally I struggled. I made every argument possible in attempts of convincing myself why I should not proceed. Organic chemistry is miserable, I am not getting A’s, I want to be a mom, every young doctor I have met discourages the profession, especially the women.

I’ve always been told how creative I am, and how successful I would become in graphics or communications. Those are the classes in which I effortlessly obtain A’s. So, slowly with many tears, I bought into my excuses. I did know that I never wanted to regret my decision. I came to your office for my final test. I was hoping to find it boring, and finally be able to persuade myself against medical school and end my case. However, after spending time in your office and speaking with you, I had a million reasons why I should not quit pre-med at Franklin & Marshall and not one reasonable reason why I should. If I do not become a doctor, I can’t think of anything in that world that I want to do. You and my grandfather, an orthopedic surgeon, both made it clear that after a while, a day in the OR is work like anything else. There is something deep inside that tells me I won’t mind, and that I will always love it. I have to thank you for helping me re-ignite my desire to devote my career to the most noble of them all. I am sure there may be times I will again want to quit, but I am more sure than ever that the ends will justify the means. I, like you, plan to express my creativity through medicine and plastic surgery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!