Revision Rhinoplasty for a Bad Nose Job

Revision Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations in plastic surgery, and difficult cases require true specialists. Regardless of your reason for discontent, every patient who is not fully satisfied with the results of their rhinoplasty procedure should seek a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon near you.

Did you have a rhinoplasty done, but hate the results? Has it left  you feeling frustrated and depressed due to a nose job gone wrong, we can put all of your anxiety and stress to rest here at Aventura Plastic Surgery. There’s still hope! Dr. Richard Galitz, MD of Aventura Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida answers your questions below about bad nose jobs and what your options are to fix

Q: How do I know if my nose job is “bad?”

Dr. Galitz: Keep in mind that it can take up to a full year for the swelling to go down in your nose, so give the area some time before making a final decision as to whether you like the shape of your new nose. If you are a year or more post-surgery and still do not like the results, go in for a revision rhinoplasty consultation to find out your options.

There are many reasons why you may not like the way your nose looks after your nose job. Some patients have a pinched look to the tip of their nose, while others have a crooked look to the bridge, and still others have too rounded of a nose tip. Any part of your nose that does not look symmetrical or that you are not satisfied with can be considered “bad.”

Q: What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Galitz: First, it is most important that your surgeon has the entire story of your desires prior to the procedure, exactly what the original doctor  did during surgery, how well you took care of yourself after the procedure, and how long you’ve been healing. Be as open and honest with your physician as possible when it comes to this step. The more we know, the better we can assist you in the reconstructive process and the happier you’ll be in the end.

Dependent upon what your issues are with your nose currently, your surgeon will go about laying out a plan during the consultation process.This will allow the physician to address any and all of your concerns while making sure you are well aware of any issues that arise with revision rhinoplasty nose surgery.  During revision rhinoplasty, your Miami rhinoplasty expert will try to maintain and reinforce cartilage support with existing cartilage and bone rather than weakening and excising it.

It should be noted by your surgeon, that opting for revision rhinoplasty is not a decision that should be entered into lightly. The revision procedure can be much more complicated than the primary rhinoplasty and requires a surgeon with a sophisticated understanding of nasal structure and surgical technique.

Revision-Rhinoplasty-Before-Miami      Revision-Nose Job-After-Miami

Q: Will the revision rhinoplasty recovery process be any different compared to my original rhinoplasty?

Dr. Galitz: Recovery time after revision rhinoplasty is usually the same as primary rhinoplasty. This also means that swelling is likely to go down slower. Be prepared to be patient with the process. A revision rhinoplasty is a good idea as the average cost of rhinoplasty is modest compared to other surgeries.

If you have had a bad experience with your nose job, come see  our double board certified rhinoplasty specialist for a consultation. You may be surprised to find out how easy it can be to address your continued concerns. Call the Miami office at 305-974-0505.