Trepidation about having a facelift? Absolutely! Vanity won out and I am extremely glad it did. Wanted to look better, tighten up some but not expecting to look 25. I came prepared to the procedure with a hat, scarf, sunnies and even considered a sheet to drape over myself just in case :). All admonitions by friends that had had the procedure, telling me how they were glad they had had it done but to prepare myself as to how G-d awful I would look right after didn’t happen AT ALL!!

Day of, excitement and anxiousness dove-tailed into each other. Arrived and was given one Valium and one Ambien, taken to a very nice room with a TV and a remote waiting for these to take effect. Lord, I kept saying, I feel nothing, hope this works. Well, about 15 minutes later, the one reporter morphed into four. His great staff had it timed perfect. Right about then, I was taken in for the surgery. Totally loopy but could hear the background music, conversations between him and his assistant, and Dr. G’s instructions to me to smile, whistle (couldn’t do it before, can’t whistle still, lol), move my eyebrows up and down, etc. Soon as he said, we’re done, I couldn’t wait to see myself, sans any bandage and preparing myself for the worst, I was AMAZED! Even suggested he take the “after” photos right then. Out the door and in our car by 1PM or so having arrived a bit before 9AM.

Walked out after my surgery only with the bandage wrap, no black and blues, extremely minimal swelling, no hat, scarf or sunnies needed and my husband, who is very squeamish about all wounds, scars and such, couldn’t believe it. FOUR days later, girlfriend picked me up and we went to breakfast. Not ONE look from anyone since my hair covered the stitches and two small black blues behind my ears.

Very glad I went for local anesthesia, none of the nausea and experienced no pain whatsoever. Most uncomfortable: the head bandage, glad it was only on for two days. Two and a half weeks now, I wear my hair pulled up, back, anyway I want. Guess if you’re looking for it, you can find the slightly pink scars around my ears, to that I say, you don’t like it, don’t look!

Oh, and by the way, I am a great looking 61 year old :)!!! Wish everyone the absolute best.