Plastic Surgery, The Ultimate Career Move in Corporate America

As the tautologies go, money can’t buy you love or happiness- however, as many Americans have learned, it can get rid of those little imperfections that are lowering your confidence and diminishing the quality of your appearance.

Plastic surgery, once confined in affordability to the rich and famous, is now a popular but still pricey option- sometimes, however, these elective surgeries are covered by insurance companies. While there are many reasons that someone might decide to have plastic surgery, career-minded Miami residents have been going under the knife for a very specific one- the potential to advance their careers.

Cosmetic-Surgery-Career-PromotionThe American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that, among last year’s most prominent trends, about two thirds of its members reported seeing men and women who requested plastic surgery because they wanted to remain competitive in the workplace.
A physical trait or imperfection that someone has been dwelling on over the course of a lifetime can have a powerful effect on a person’s self confidence, which behavior experts have long established relates directly to the way a person carries themselves and the opportunities they pursue.

We see it everywhere and physical attraction does impact us since birth. Cuter newborns in a nursery are touched, held, and talked to more than less attractive babies. Elementary school teachers unknowingly tend to hold higher expectations for better-looking children. Parents may be less protective of less-attractive children.

Then, when people reach working age, good-looking college graduates are more likely to get hired. Employees themselves tend to be willing to do more for better-looking bosses. Attractive supervisors are perceived as more credible and more persuasive.

So what does this mean for those of us who want to get ahead but don’t look like Brad or Angelina? Well, higher education can improve physical appearance in others’ eyes. And Patzer recommends working out, eating well, practicing good hygiene, dressing nicely, and—although it may be cringe-inducing—correcting flaws with plastic surgery.

Someone with more self confidence has a greater likelihood of increasing their networking opportunities, actively pursuing promotions and advancements and carrying themselves in a way which demands respect from others. Self confidence improves posture, vocal tone and the overall impression a person creates.

Plastic Surgery for Corporate America

In addition to a alternative confidence boost methods, plastic surgery procedures can help to decrease the signs of aging and create a healthy, youthful appearance. In a culture where youth is valued and age is often treated in the corporate world as a sign of obsolescence, plastic surgery can be a way to reclaim a youthful face and avoid inevitable age discrimination.

Though often associated with women, many men in America’s competitive corporate culture are striving to perfect their appearance and maintain their youthful looks. Older men are committing to Botox and hair transplants to reduce wrinkles and avoid the aged look of a receding hairline, while younger men are financing surgeries simply to assure that they look their best.


The value of an attractive appearance has long been validated by psychologists and behavior experts as a trait that invites trust and inclusion. Whether humans realize it consciously or not, certain physical traits are prized over others. This can lead to an expectation that the more attractive someone is, the more capable they will be. Because of this association, good looks are a prized trait that some professionals will go above and beyond to attain and maintain.

For professionals in Miami and beyond, some procedures have quickly gained popularity for their ability to create a dramatic improvement in appearance with minimal surgical intervention. Eyelid surgery, the fourth most common plastic surgery procedure performed in 2013, can make a person appear more youthful and alert and drawing attention away from other facial flaws. In addition, other cosmetic treatments such as waxing and tooth whitening are common among professionals.

Whether it is right or wrong, the human inclination to prefer youth and beauty above all else has an undeniable effect on those fighting to get ahead in a complex corporate culture. Choosing to undergo a plastic surgery procedure to maintain the appearance of youth or alter a feature that makes a person feel self conscious can have a dramatic effect on their ability to advance in their career. Confident and happy people who are attractive and carry themselves in a way that demand respect are always more likely to succeed, not least of all in the corporate world.