Often Overlooked Touch-Up After Weight Loss: Sagging Facial Skin

Obesity occurs at epidemic levels in America. So, it is perhaps not surprising that one of the most common forms of plastic surgery in Aventura and the United States is liposuction. Of course, there are many other forms of weight loss that work well for those in need, including diet and exercise, bariatric surgery, etc. While losing weight for these individuals may be about feeling better, looking better, or overcoming weight-related health issues, rapid weight loss can cause a few aesthetic issues. One of the most common is stretched and sagging skin.

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Rapid Weight Loss can cause Sagging Skin

Lost weight face sagging is a growing problem for many Americans. For those who lose weight slowly, sagging skin is less of a concern. But, when the weight comes off at a rapid pace, the skin may not have time to shrink and tighten. This is usually most noticeable in areas like the love handles, chest/breast, and under the arms. But, one area that is often overlooked is the face.

While there may not be as much fat in the head as in the torso and extremities, there is still enough that you will notice it when one gains and loses weight. As a result, the skin across the face can take on a deflated, sagging appearance after weight loss, artificially aging someone well beyond their years. Of course, the health benefits of their weight loss far exceed the concerns over sagging skin, so this is no reason to avoid weight loss. But, for those hoping to look their best and make the most of their weight loss, there is a solution.

Facelifts for Sagging Neck Skin

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Many feel facelift surgeries are only good for those trying to offset the effects of aging. But, this is an outdated way of thinking. Facelifts may be appropriate for other conditions, as well, and sagging skin after weight loss is one of them.

Those who have experienced rapid weight loss often see sagging skin under their necks and skin that seems to sag, particularly along the jaw line. These individuals, when compared to the typical facelift patient, usually require larger amounts of fat augmentation (actually replacing some of the fat in the face), increased tightening of the cheek and neck skin, and more extensive elevation of the underlying muscle and other facial tissues. Many patients also undergo other procedures like eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, and skin resurfacing, often at the same time as the facelift, to complete the transformation.

While these procedures require an individualized approach and careful attention to detail, we at Aventura Plastic Surgery have found that our Miami area patients who undergo these procedures following rapid weight loss are usually able to maintain the benefits of the face lift for several years following the procedures. Of course, the results may vary based on the individual patient’s adherence to post-surgical procedures and whether they maintain their reduced weight. Still, the results can be life altering and serve to truly complete the new picture of health, youth, and vitality that is often the motivation for weight loss.

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