Mother Daughter Duo Spend in Excess of $86K on Plastic Surgery Addiction

We hope most mothers and their ten-year-old daughters can be found playing in the park or watching a children’s film together. But unfortunately, we can’t say for this interesting parenting situation. When a then ten-year-old Kayla and mother Georgina were planning their future breast augmentations together.


Still in primary school, Kayla decided that she would do anything necessary to make sure that she and her beloved mum could look more like their idol, television reality, Katie Price.

Fast forward ten years later, and we have Georgina, 38, and her daughter Kayla Morris, 20, who have managed to attain their goals by transforming themselves through extreme measures.


In the last three years, Kayla has forked out a whopping £56,000 on plastic surgery for her and her mum. This has included lip injections, Botox, cheek fillers, semi-permanent make-up, teeth whitening, hair extensions and breast augmentation. To complete the look, Kayla and Georgina use the sun beds up to five times per week – a tanning addiction which costs them £5,000-a-year. And controversially since the age of seventeen, Kayla has been paying for their cosmetic treatments with the help of sugar daddies and stripping.

And mum Georgina, 38, says she is more than happy to let her daughter pursue this lifestyle to fund their plastic surgery addiction. The mother-daughter duo claim they are not finished yet.


In a the video below, you will see  the mother and daughter characterize as their obsession of plastic surgery, Clarke reveals that she and Morris began watching Katie Price years ago. Both felt she was the ideal model for their desired appearances. Price is noted for her multiple breast enhancement surgeries. Morris stated that at age 11, while watching Price on television, she realized that she wanted to have her breasts enhanced and to look like Price.

It is common for parents to encourage their young daughters to be self accepting. However, according to News Dog Media, Clarke was supportive of Morris’ desire to pursue plastic surgery. She stated that her daughter’s desire to have breast enhancement surgery pleased her because she wanted her daughter to be “…like, that kind of person.”

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Financial support for the surgery has been supplied by a man the duo characterizes as Morris’ “sugar daddy.” The two met while Morris was stripping at a club at age 17. Georgina Clark explained that she did not mind the arrangement that her daughter has with the man, nor with her daughter’s stripping to raise funds for surgery, and characterized these actions as “living the dream.” The duo plans to pursue other plastic surgery avenues in the future. Both daughter and mother are considering additional breast implants and butt augmentation surgery.

And while both mother and daughter contend they are happy with the outcomes of their surgeries, family therapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer reports in Yahoo Parenting that the actions of Clarke and Morris tell a completely different story. The doctor is quoted as saying, “People who compulsively seek to change their physical appearance to look like someone other than themselves are typically motivated by a deep and unrelenting pain that will never be resolved from a physical enhancement,” He further states, “Instead of finding the tools to resolve their internal conflicts, they attempt to manipulate their bodies into objects that can be worshiped from afar, rather than vulnerable human beings capable of dealing with authentic intimacy.”

it seems as these two suffer from  Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or are addicted to plastic surgery. Unfortunately, a lot of people will go from surgeon to surgeon after one doctor refuses to do what they want or tells them no. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each culture sees things differently. While most people just want tweaking, looking a little younger or correcting a defect. Others are attention seekers going way over the top. It can be a true mental illness.You can read my my insight on people’s expectation of beauty here.




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