Lip Enlargement Is One of The Hottest Procedures in Miami

Lip enlargement has become one of the hottest procedures in Miami plastic surgery, and no wonder! After Kylie Jenner recently admitted to having gotten lip fillers, everyone wants to get a similarly sensual pout. Whether you’re looking to post enviable selfies on Instagram, or are just wanting a fuller appearance, read on for more information.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that enlarges the lips, and enhances their fullness, using fillers. Dr. Richard Galitz MD, FACS, a double board certified plastic surgeon, has invented an innovative procedure to provide permanent and natural fullness using a dermal fat graft, made of the patient’s own tissue.

Lip augmentation starts at $450 for a small amount of filler, and does not require an anesthesiologist or general anesthesia. Lip augmentation performed at the clinic is incredibly quick: it may take as little as 10 minutes for filler injections, or an hour for a dermal fat graft surgery. The recovery from filler injections is immediate; recovery from dermal fat graft procedures can take up to two weeks. You’ll be ready to take pictures of your new lips in no time!

Lip augmentation adds fullness to otherwise thin lips. It is an excellent and very natural way to draw attention to your face. If one lip is larger or smaller than the other, lip augmentation can be used to balance out the lip’s shape, and create symmetry between the top and bottom lip. It can also take years off your appearance, as full lips are associated with youthfulness.

Dr. Galitz is an educator and plastic surgeon who has been practicing plastic surgery in Miami since 1986. His expertise lies in facial and hair restoration procedures, including lip enlargement. He also has a graduate degree in sculpture and painting from the University of Maryland. This experience in artistry is a natural complement to his plastic surgery practice.