Let Facelift Surgery Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Looking to get a surgical procedure done that is both painless and natural-looking in the New Year? It’s time to get a much-needed lift from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Galitz at Aventura Plastic Surgery!

If you’ve held off on getting procedures or treatments done this year, don’t put it off anymore. Reverse aging with a safe and painless facelift surgery that can greatly improve and restore your self-confidence as you strut into the New Year. You’ll be surprised what a few minor or drastic changes can do to help you feel like yourself again.

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck. There are usually four steps to this surgical procedure: anesthesia, incision, choosing incisions, and the desired results.

Make facelift surgery a part of your New Year’s Resolution for a better, improved version of yourself!

There are many benefits associated with getting a facelift surgery such as tightening aging skin around the neck and face and also repositioning sagging skin. Some of the other benefits include a shorter recovery time (typically 2 weeks to 4) and bringing back the youthfulness or elasticity of once sagging skin. A facelift can greatly undo and bring back radiance and help the neck or face feel more lifted and tightened.

A facelift can also remove or help reposition excess skin and remove crows feet areas and sun exposure and skin stress damage. The results of a successful facelift can last approximately 10 years if done by a highly trained and board-certified plastic surgeon.

It is important to follow aftercare facelift surgery procedures from the clinic you’re getting the facelift done from. After the procedure, you can expect some bruising that is fairly normal.

As with any non-surgical or surgical cosmetic procedure, it is important to monitor your health and any physical symptoms that might seem abnormal. When in doubt, always consult the plastic surgery clinic to learn more about the recovery and healing process.

Schedule facelift or rhytidectomy surgery at Aventura’s Miami office if you are looking to enhance a more natural and youthful look that almost appears as if you had no procedure done. The affordable and pain-free procedure can be performed on any healthy individual between 35-85 years of age. The process includes oral sedation and local injection anesthesia as well as a period of recovery.

Don’t hold off on your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020! You deserve to look and feel great, so schedule a consultation to discuss your desired look with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Galitz. Make getting a facelift part of your resolution this year. Your skin will thank you in advance!