Inside the Weird World of Celebrity Clone Surgery

Having plastic surgery to look or mimic an admired and popular celebrity is often foolish and a mistake. Simply put… Today’s fashion and “fashionistas” may be passe’ tomorrow and then become the latest has beens. However, plastic surgery is permanent.

Just because it is fashionable to look like Kim Kardashian today does not mean it will be so 5 years from now… And most likely it will not be. Think to yourself how many “looks” and changes Madonna has gone through in the last 20 years. You would have been on the surgery table 10 times trying to keep up. The best solution is to discover and uncover your own beauty and be yourself.
If you have a real need for plastic surgery then by all means see a good surgeon and get done what needs to be done to expose and bring out the best of YOU, not Kim or Angelina or anyone other than yourself. You will never have any regrets if you take this approach… and your own beauty will be there for all to see for a lifetime!