Holiday wish list: A trip to the plastic surgeon

What are some of the areas from your body that you wish you could just wave a magic wand over and change or slightly alter? Even if it’s a few minor adjustments or a more voluminous or fuller lip—–know that your dreams are very much possible with evolving skincare technology and advanced plastic surgery treatments.

This holiday season, pamper and treat yourself to the gift of plastic surgery.  Board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Galitz is always on a mission to restore that youthful radiance and help you feel confident and ready to conquer the world.

We’ve compiled a wish list of plastic surgeries during the gift-giving season:

Nose Surgery 

Also known as rhinoplasty, this surgical procedure can significantly work to minimize or slim and contour the nose to achieve the desired look. If you’ve been embarrassed or unhappy with how your nose looks, you’re not alone. Many people have gone through rhinoplasty to target certain areas either dramatically, or with subtle changes. Getting a nose job isn’t just for physical reasons; it can be used to manage or help breathing problems or help restructure the shape of the nose. A nose job is the second most popular type of plastic surgery. Aventura Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Galitz has performed over 3,500 rhinoplasty surgeries, helping people feel confident and happy about themselves. Rhinoplasty includes either reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive includes either correcting a failed past rhinoplasty or injuries sustained by trauma or birth defects. Cosmetic urgent involves altering the original nose and changing the position or slimming the nose or bridge for cosmetic purposes. Questions about the rhinoplasty or recovery process? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Galitz.

Eyelid Surgery

Also commonly referred to as Blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery helps correct sagging or drooping eyelids that may affect one’s self-confidence. This is ideal for patients who have a lot of excess skin they would like to clean up or tightened for a more youthful, and fresh look. Your eyelids are an important feature of your face—it’s often the first thing people notice. Don’t let sagging skin drag you down. Lift up and rise with Dr. Galitz as he removes excess skin and fat pads in the skin to restore a glowing look.

Cheek Implants

Treat yourself this holiday season with the gift of cheek implants, which can significantly reverse signs of aging and help you attain that radiant and more lifted cheekbone structure look you have always dreamt of. Dr. Galitz can assess your needs and perform cheek augmentation in approximately 45 minutes. The process involves anesthesia or sedation followed by an incision on the upper lip. After the incision, Dr. Galitz creates a pocket where the cheek implant can be comfortably placed over the bone. If you’re looking for cheek augmentation and a more defined volume to the cheeks, you should definitely consider booking a consultation. If you are wary of surgical procedure, you can also look into alternatives like injectable fillers. 

Lip Enlargement 

Our lips are sealed. But we don’t mind spilling the beans and letting people know we’ve got a little bit of help from a lip augmentation procedure. Have you always dreamt of fuller and sexier lips that make a bold statement? Consider getting a lip augmentation procedure done for plumper and more voluminous lips that make you feel sexy and more confident about the skin you’re in. Dr. Galitz has implemented a special procedure that uses a dermal fat graft that is made out of a patient’s own tissue to provide the best, full results on the lips. If you are wary of a surgical procedure, consider getting injectable fillers or Botox done. The process involves local anesthesia, filler injections, and one-hour surgery.