Helpful Winter Skincare Tips

Winter conditions can take a harsh toll on our skin, especially when it’s windy outside. It is important to use safe products and cosmetic procedures to keep us looking and feeling our best all year long. Don’t let chapped skin or dry skin ruin your day. Feed it the hydrating nutrients it needs and be proactive with these simple yet efficient manageable winter skincare tips to help your skin look healthy and rejuvenated.


 Use Sunscreen

It’s important to use sunscreen all-year-round, even during the winter months or when the sun is hiding. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and remember to reapply after a few hours. Remember that UVB rays are the strongest between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Don’t be fooled by the clouds or gloomy weather; your skin can be the target of harsh rays even during the winter months.


 Consider Using a Humidifier 

Does your skin feel itchy or dry, especially during the winter months? Consider investing in a humidifier to help add more moisture to the air and relieve skin problems or blocked and dry nasal passages. Breathe in clean, fresh evaporated air instead of muggy, dry air.


 Add a Good Moisturizer

Some people skip out on moisturizer in the morning, but this can be a huge mistake. Moisturizer is as important as the daily habit of brushing your teeth. The benefits of a good moisturizer include anti-aging properties, strengthened skin elasticity, and collagen, as well as elevated skin hydration levels and more. Don’t let your skin dry up during the winter months!


 Protect your Chapped Lips 

It’s true: We don’t often think about protecting our delicate lips. In fact, it’s one of the last things that people consider when going out into the winter cold. Don’t forget to purchase lip balms, preferably with SPF. Exposure to wind, sun, and cold or dry air can exacerbate chapped lip problems. Always keep a lip balm in handy. Constantly licking your lips with your saliva can be a bad habit, so whenever you get the urge to do so, reach into your pocket for your lip balm instead. Licking your lips can actually dry out your lips even faster and cause redness and irritation. Help remedy the situation with a trusted lip balm. A little goes a long way!


If you’re looking for cosmetic procedures to enhance and maintain your winter skin routine, consider having injectable treatments done this holiday season. We’re running a promotion for the month of December. Take $50 off all injectable treatments (this includes Botox and all Juvederm filler products for full syringe only). 


Don’t let the winter weather cause your skin to become chapped, dry, or unpleasant. Keep your skin hydrated and protected this season! From all of us at Aventura, Happy Holidays!