The Happy Hour Neck Lift

What would you say if we told you you could look 10 years younger after just an hour of work? Not only that, but that Dr. Richard Galitz can create this transformation for you in only an hour! We assure you this is not a fantasy, rather a routine procedure available at Aventura Plastic Surgery.

This neck lift surgery recaptures your youthful appearance in as little as an hour and with minimal down time. In only 7-10 days of recovery, patients are rewarded with a beautiful and graceful new silhouette, one that is reminiscent of how they appeared years ago.

Dr. Galitz performs a number of surgeries under local anesthesia, this provides his patients with increased safety and an easier recovery.

Following your Happy Hour Neck Lift

You may experience some discomfort following your surgery, however it is easily managed with medication. Some bruising and swelling are normal in the days following the surgery.

One week following your neck lift, the stitches are removed and you will be able to return to work. Two weeks post-surgery you can begin to incorporate more strenuous activities to your daily routine.

Dr. Galitz often uses local anesthesia in his practice to minimize recovery time and help you get back to a normal routine earlier. Contact us today to see how we can lift and firm your neck to make you look and feel like your most beautiful self!