Plastic Surgeon in Miami – Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start using Botox?

I encourage men and women in their mid thirties to begin using Botox. If you wait until your mid or late 40’s you may have already etched deep lines in your forehead that will now need more than Botox or Juvederm to remove them.

How do you choose a top-rated Miami plastic surgeon?

  • Must be a board certified specialist in facial plastic surgery or general plastic surgery.
  • A minimum of 10 years surgical practice and experience.
  • Routinely does whatever procedure you are requesting on at least a weekly basis.
  • Must have large photo album of before and afters showing a wide range of patient experience and success.
  • Must have a list of happy patients with positive reviews who will gladly talk with you about their experience.
  • All the rest: what school a surgeon went to, what teaching position he holds, what magazine he was featured in, have very little to do with whether he will get you a good cosmetic result.

How long can forehead numbness last after a browlift?

After a brow lift, some numbness may persist for up to 6 months.

Why would people opt for a brow lift over Botox?

A browlift accomplishes much more in lifting than Botox and the result has a longer duration. You cannot compare apples and oranges.

My coworker recently suggested a treatment of the injectable filler Botox to reduce the wrinkles around my mouth. I have heard this injectable is derived from the pathogen that causes botulism. Can Botox have negative side effects?

Botox has proven very safe over the past 15 years of cosmetic use. Very few allergic or other problematic reactions have been reported. That said problems can arise from poor injection technique and poor placement of the product.

I am planning on getting pregnant soon, and have been getting regular cosmetic injections. How soon before my pregnancy do I need to stop this treatment?

My suggestion is to stop all unnecessary medications, such as Botox, Restylane or Perlane at the time you begin to try for a pregnancy.

I have two young children, ages 1 and 3, and for about the past three years I’ve had constant dark circles under my eyes. Is this something that will improve if I ever manage to get more sleep or can eyelid surgery fix this?

Dark circles under the eyes are usually due to congestion of blood vessels that are easily seen through thin eyelid skin. Plenty of sleep and make –up are often the best solutions.

Will eyelid surgery fix any of the fine wrinkling around my eyes?

To some degree, however fine wrinkles around the eyes often need light laser skin resurfacing to get a totally smooth effect to the result.

I am an African American female and I feel that the tip of my nose is too wide. Can a rhinoplasty narrow the tip of my nose? Will there be scarring?

Absolutely. You need to see a cosmetic surgeon with experience handling the thicker skin challenges of Afro American skin. If done well your rhinoplasty (nose job) results can be very gratifying.

I have very uneven nostrils ever since my nose job a year ago. I know revision rhinoplasty is an option, but could injectable fillers be a good alternative for this?

It is an alternative, but temporary at best. A better solution is to have a revision rhinoplasty done surgically by an experienced nasal cosmetic surgeon.

Can body hair be used for a hair transplant or is it too different from scalp hair?

It can be used but it’s not ideal because of thickness differences and different growth patterns.

I’m an African American woman interested in a hair transplant. I’ve been told my hair loss is due to braiding. If I get a hair transplant, will I be able to wear my hair in braids afterward?

Not if you plan on keeping the newly transplanted hair which can be lost to traction alopecia and tight braiding.