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Skin Cancer & MOHS Surgery Reconstruction in Miami

MOHS Reconstruction is a specialized procedure in which defects from the removal of skin cancers by MOHS excision are reconstructed. MOHS excision is a type of skin cancer treatment whereby minute layers of cancerous skin tissue are removed layer by layer until all involved tissue is removed. This allows as much surrounding healthy tissue as possible to be preserved.

While MOHS excision is a highly successful and effective skin cancer treatment, it often leaves defects which can be quite extensive. When occurring on highly visible areas like the nose, lips, and eyelids, a plastic surgeon may perform MOHS reconstruction to reconstruct any resultant defects. It is important to note that experience is essential for a surgeon to make the proper design decisions and achieve the best possible results for closure of the defect and aesthetic concerns.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Galitz performs reconstruction of MOHS defects in his office-based surgical suite at Aventura Plastic Surgery in Aventura, Florida, or in a nearby outpatient center. Local anesthesia or IV sedation may be used. Surgical times can vary depending on the individual case with the procedure taking as little as twenty minutes for smaller reconstructions to as much as two hours for more extensive cases. There are many different techniques which may be used to reconstruct MOHS defects and, as such, the procedure is a very individualized one.

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Recovery after MOHS reconstruction takes approximately one week, though work can often be resumed after just two days. The stitches are removed after one week and at this time exercise and more strenuous activities can typically be removed. This is a safe procedure with minimal risk of complications.

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