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Neck Lift Cost and Before & Afters in Miami, FL

The neck lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to elevate the tissues of the face and neck in order to recapture a youthful appearance. This is an excellent procedure that can dramatically improve the jowls and neck while being performed under local anesthesia in an hour or less. A ‘turkey waddle’, jowls, fleshiness, and banding in the neck can all be improved. Good candidates include healthy individuals with sagging and excess jowl and neck tissue which often results from age or weight loss.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Galitz performs the neck lift in his office-based surgical suite at Aventura Plastic Surgery in Aventura, Florida, or in a nearby outpatient facility. The surgery averages one hour in length and is typically performed with local anesthesia, though IV sedation is also an option. Incisions are located behind the ear. Working through the incisions, Dr. Galitz will elevate and lift the skin and then suture the muscles and fascia.

Recovery after the neck lift takes approximately seven to ten days. Some discomfort may result which can be treated with medication. Swelling and bruising are also common and some numbness of the skin may also occur. Patients typically need to wear a compression garment for several weeks. The stitches are removed after one week, at which time most patients are able to return to work. More strenuous activities and exercise can be resumed after approximately two weeks. There are minimal risks associated with the neck lift, however, patients should watch for any bleeding. To minimize your potential risks and ensure the best possible result, be sure to select an experienced and Miami board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your Miami, FL neck lift.

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