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Lip Enlargement & Augmentation in Miami, FL

Lip augmentation is a procedure that can add fullness to the lips for a plumper, more sensual appearance. While there are a variety of techniques that can be used, including injectable fillers and implants, Dr. Galitz has invented an excellent procedure that uses a dermal fat graft made of the patient’s own tissue to provide permanent and natural lip fullness.

Miami lip augmentation procedures are great for anyone looking to improve thin lips. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Galitz performs the procedure in his office-based surgical suite at Aventura Plastic Surgery in Aventura, Florida, or in a nearby outpatient facility. Local anesthesia is most typically used, and the procedure may take as little as ten minutes to complete for filler injections and up to one hour for surgery.

For the dermal fat graft procedure, Dr. Galitz removes fat and dermis from the lower abdomen above the suprapubic area. This graft is then placed into the lips through a small incision. This results in permanent yet natural enlargement. For fillers like Juvederm, the filler is directly injected into the lips. The results are temporary and repeat injections are needed in order to maintain the results.

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Patients can expect an immediate recovery after lip augmentation with filler injection. For dermal fat graft procedures, the recovery takes approximately one to two weeks. Some degree of swelling and bruising may result with either technique, while surgical techniques may result in some discomfort which can be treated with medication. Stitches for surgical procedures are removed after one week, at which time work and most other normal activities can be resumed. Complications are typically rare but may include prolonged lip swelling.

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