Facial Fillers: New Trend Among Young Women

A strange phenomenon is happening among young women. Some of them look older than a Real Housewife, but you’ll struggle to find a single wrinkle. Their age will be something of ambiguity because of their caricature-like proportions thanks to pillow cheeks and plump lips. Call these young women the beauty achievers who are starting the trend of the pillow-face phenomenon. 

Why are Facial Fillers a new Trend?

So what’s the reason behind this strange trend?  Simple, we live in a selfie generation.

Thanks to the influence of celebrities and aspiring models who document their every move and want to look good doing so on social media, many young women are feeling the need to perfect their look. These same women have heard of celebrities having Botox and fillers, and find it completely acceptable. They take it for granted that if they want smoother skin or plumper lips, they can have them, now.

Dermal fillers make it possible to instantly treat trouble areas such as a tiny upper lip, flat cheeks, a weak chin or too round or square a face.

Dermal filler, a substance injected into the skin to smooth lines and boost volume, have been available and used predominantly by women over 40 since 1981, but now have a fan club among those who need them least, women in their 20’s.

It’s important to know if you are deciding to make this decision, going to anyone other than a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for injectable is about as wise as seeing me if you’re having a heart attack. Last year, the FDA issued an alert about soft-tissue fillers. If they’re improperly injected, potential side effects can be blindness and stroke, among others.

In the right hands, fillers are generally safe and increasingly less of a commitment. Today, most fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a natural compound that usually dissolves between 6 and 12 months. With its modern user-friendly rep, filler seems more like a throwaway beauty treatment than a risky medical procedure. And it doesn’t hurt that many experts’ position filler like they do Botox: as preventative medicine. While Botox inhibits you from making the expressions that create wrinkles, some fillers are proven to help spur collagen production.


Here’s the trouble: Some docs tend to use the same amount of filler on a young patient as they would on older ones, he says. What may be a bit of filler on a 60-year-old is “like a drop in the ocean,” but on a 25-year-old? Chipmunk City.

Too much filler doesn’t just make a young person look bizarre, it can also make her look older. When someone’s face has zero contour it will make their lips pumped like bike tires.

And for some patients, it can be a slippery slope. Many people after they get an initial plastic surgery procedure, they’re on a high. Once their eyes adjust, the buzz wears off … and they want to go bigger or do more.  The same attitude applies to fillers, “which is why they have an addictive nature.” Call it fillerexia.

If you’re in your twenties and contemplating over getting fillers, ask yourself if you’re really upset with your natural face or if you’re just chasing a trend. If it’s the latter, keep these procedures in your back pocket for when you’ve actually lost volume and take advantage of great specials we have on injectable fillers at our Day of Beauty Event on November 17. Book an appointment at our Miami plastic surgery office. All injections are only performed by a double certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Galitz. Receive your special discount today and  RSVP here.

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