Everyone wants “Kylie Jenner’s lips”: What you Need to Know About the Lip Enhancement Trend

Kylie Jenner Increases Lip Enhancement Popularity

Lip augmentations and fillers have become more popular over the past few years and it is believed to be because of the baby of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. The 20-year old reality star denied rumors of having any work done several times. She claimed that she only over-lined her lips with lip liner. She eventually admitted to having injections and revealed that at the age of 15 a boy saying her lips were too small sparked the insecurity.

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Now, she has made big bucks because of her famous lips. She launched the beauty empire Kylie Cosmetics and the highlight of the line is the lip kits, which sell out in minutes every time a collection is released. She has started this trend and more young women are running out to get Kylie’s perfect pout. If you’re interested in joining the tribe, we have a few things you should know before you make an appointment.

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Are you a good candidate for Lip Enhancement?

First things first. You should find out if these procedures are an option for you. Good candidates are usually people with very thin lips that tend to disappear when they smile. Different techniques can make them fuller, improve unevenness, and even altar the shape of your mouth and the amount of gums that show when you smile. On the other hand, it may not be right for you if you have active infection or inflammation, facial nerve disorders, bleeding disorders, recurrent herpes simplex lesions, diabetes, or a history of multiple allergies. If none of this applies to you and you’re in good health and have realistic expectations, then it may be a good candidate.

Realistic Expectations

We know the goal is “Kylie Jenner’s lips”, but you must set realistic expectations for yourself. You don’t want your lips to look “too done”. It’s important to avoid an overfilled or unnatural look.

Lip Enhancement Options

There are various lip enhancements.  Your surgeon will tell you which procedure is best for you depending on your aesthetic goals. The options include:

Fat Transfer Injections

Fat is taken from an area of your body via liposuction and injected into your lips.

Injectable Fillers

Made from natural or synthetic biocompatible material and acts as a fat substitute to plump lips.

Dermal Graft

Permanent option, taking a dermal-fat-graft from layers of the skin and put under the mucosa.

Vermillion Advancement

Incision on border of lips, removing strip of skin, and pulling colored portion to increase lip size.

Lip Implant

Natural or synthetic implants inserted through incisions inside the corners of the mouth.

Lip Lift

Removing extra skin and lifting lips for those with loose skin or downward slope mouth.

Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing the right place to get your lips enhanced is probably the most important part of the process. You should always seek a board plastic surgeon. Here at Aventura Plastic Surgery, Dr. Richard Galitz is a double board certified plastic surgeon, who has been in the business for over 30 years. He will be able to assist you with picking the best option and help you achieve the best results.

Preparing for Your Procedure

Preparation will be dependent upon which kind of procedure you decide to get. Your surgeon will be sure to provide you with thorough instruction and answer any questions you may have. Your surgeon will recommend discontinuing things like smoking at least six weeks prior and taking medications that can cause increased bleeding.

Day of Enhancement


Injections can be done with little to no downtime and minimal preparation. Your surgeon will prep your lips and may apply numbing cream. The procedure should take no more than an hour and you’ll be given instructions for aftercare before you leave the office.

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Surgical lip enhancements usually take between thirty minutes to two hours. General anesthesia is usually given for your comfort during the procedure, but local anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be desired in some instances. If you choose to have fat transferred into your lips, liposuction will be done first to get the fat that will be injected into your lips. When you’re all done, you’ll be taken into a recovery room where you’ll be closely monitored. You should be able to go home after a short observation period.

Recovery and Aftercare

Downtime for nonsurgical enhancements is minimal. Bruising and swelling may occur, but should subside in a short period of time. A cold compress can be applied to lips to ease pain and reduce swelling. You may be restricted to a liquid only diet for one to two days. Physical activity may also be restricted the day of surgery.

If you’ve had a surgical procedure, it’s important to follow all patient care instructions provided. This will include information about wearing compression garments, care of your drains if you have any, and taking prescribed medication. You should be able to return to work and other normal activity within one week. Stitches can be removed in four to six days, sutures placed inside the mouth will dissolve around the same time. You may be restricted to a soft diet for up to ten days.

Are you ready to get plumped up?

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Now that you’ve got all the information, you can make the decision that is best for you. Are you ready to get that Kylie Jenner look? Then you should set up a consultation to explore your options with Dr. Galitz. Call us today at 305-974-0505 and take the first step to getting the lips that you love.

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