Erin Newberg

Hello! My name is Erin Newberg.

I am from Miami. On top of being socially active in my community, @ MoCA I am the Chair of the Shakers. Professionally, I work as a contributor to Plum Miami magazine as their social columnist and fashion correspondent.

I am also a television personality, having appeared on various local programs on Plum TV to international shows on MTV and VH1. A few years ago, after watching myself on television, I was unhappy with my nose and its appearance in proportion to the rest of my face. Immediately I knew I needed to have some work done. After interviewing various Plastic Surgeons, I met Dr. Galitz. After my consultation, I knew it was time to book my appointment for my procedure. Dr Galitz and I were on the same page and had the same goals when it came to fixing my face: proportion. Every other doctor I felt just cared about the $, Richard cared about results, and I was afraid of looking ‘slope nosed” like every other girl out there. 2 years later, my nose is all and more than I could have wished for.

The procedure was minimally painful, and I am confident my decision was the right one.