Surgery for Elf Ears

Christmas is not the time to show off your “Elf Ears”.  For that matter, no time is a good time to have “Elf Ears”.  We’re commonly asked about plastic surgery for elf ears. Our office specializes in difficult cosmetic ear surgery, all done with oral sedation and local anesthesia, painlessly and most important, safely.

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If you need an Otoplasty or just an earlobe repair, consider treating yourself.

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For clients who seek a more youthful appearance, Dr. Galitz performs numerous safe, painless and quick recovery surgeries.  All are done with oral sedation and local anesthesia injections. These include faceliftsblepharoplasty (eyelid), otoplasty (ear reshaping), chin and cheek implants, rhinoplasty (nose), facial liposuction and many others.

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