Better Hair Days through Botox

Many women will go to great lengths to achieve the hair of their dreams. Whether it is chemical straightening or heat styling, some of the efforts can be undone by something practically unavoidable: perspiration. A new trend has taken root to help battle the effects of head hyperhidrosis, and it can help give a person a better hair day too.

By injecting Botox into the scalp, the amount of perspiration is decreased. Aside from making some people more comfortable, it may also help prevent hair from frizzing. It may also help prolong the life of your hairstyle including expensive blowouts. By focusing the injections along the hair line and temples, the appearance of frizz may be reduced. Who knew, botox for better hair!

By using Botox for the scalp, a person suffering from head hyperhidrosis may not need to wash their hair as frequently in order to mPrevent-Hair-Sweat-With-Botox-Miamiaintain a clean look. This can also be beneficial to those who heat style their hair. By lessening the amount of perspiration along the scalp, anyone may enjoy the bonus of not having to wash their hair as often. This could mean daily heat styling could be avoided, or may only require touch ups, compared to completely restyling after the hair has been washed.

The Botox injections work by inhibiting the eccrine glands. This results in lower sweat production in the treated areas. Whether a person is perspiring due to the heat of the sun, or a rigorous exercise routing, they should notice reduced sweating near the locations of the injections.

It is important to note that the procedure can be sightly painful, because the skin in the scalp is thicket than that on the face, which accounts for the increased discomfort. As with any type of injections, there may be some post treatment bruising and swelling. While its not typical to do most of the head. several women are opting to have their foreheads  injected to decrease sweating at the hairline and temples. A common place where hair is susceptible to getting oily and frizzy first.

Some may find value in being able to skip a few shampoos. It may also shorten the amount of time a person must dedicate to their beauty routines, as well as the amount of money that must be spent on various hair treatments. If streamlining your hair care routine has appeal, it may be worth trying.Call for your free consultation today!