Back To School Surgery: Teen Plastic Surgery on the Rise

As autumn rolls around, every family’s thoughts suddenly turn to preparations for going back to school. As teenagers find themselves anticipating a return to old friends, school sports, and of course, homework, some may be considering teen plastic surgery. Yes, teen plastic surgery is an ever more popular aspect of the cosmetic surgery profession, and when practiced by a caring, licensed professional with high aesthetic standards, the results of teen plastic surgery can be incredibly gratifying.

Back to school plastic surgery is becoming more and more acceptable for teens who want to give their overall look a subtle refinement. Back to school surgery can be a great confidence booster for a young person, and, when practiced with expertise and taste, successful cosmetic procedures can be life changing in the most positive way.


Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular choices in teen or college plastic surgery. When performed by a highly skilled surgeon, rhinoplasty, (which is surgery used to subtly change the shape of the noseteen-nose-jobs-miami and refine it) can greatly improve a patient’s overall look without losing the natural character of the nose. Patients who are headed out to university life after high school often make this their first choice in college plastic surgery.

Surgeons advise that after rhinoplasty, patients should expect to experience some swelling of the nose. This will go down considerably after a month or so, yet cosmetic surgeons do advise that it can take up to a year or 18 months for the nose to fully recover from surgery.


A less well known cosmetic surgery that is often popular with the teen crowd is otoplasty, which is a procedure that reshapes ears that are oddly shaped or protruding. Otoplasty is recommended for healthy people who just want to refine the look of their ears to give their faces a more pleasing look.

Otoplasty is performed by making an incision in the back of the ears while the patient is under a local anesthetic or IV sedation. Depending on the desired outcome, the ears may have cartilage removed or they may be sculpted with sutures.


Recovery time for this procedure is usually 7 to 10 days. The patient may experience swelling or bruising during recovery. When performed by an experienced surgeon, there are few risks involved.

Is it time for your teen to consider cosmetic enhancement as school starts up again? Today’s sophisticated surgical techniques make plastic surgery a low risk way to boost the confidence of that young student in your life.