Add Some Pout to Your Pucker with Miami’s Best Lip Injection Procedures

Think of the most beautiful faces you can imagine. They probably have clear skin and eyes, white teeth, and soft, kissable lips, right? Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for many to have either thin lips or to see their lips shrink over time with aging. Fortunately, this is not a situation people have to live with anymore, and Aventura Plastic Surgery can help its Miami patients improve their appearance with lip enhancement surgery.

What Are Lip Enhancements?

Lip injuection procedures add fullness to the lips for a plumper, more sensual appearance. These procedures can take a number of forms, including injectable fillers and implants. But, here at Miami’s premiere destination for lip enhancement, Dr. Galitz has invented a proprietary procedure which uses a dermal fat graft made of the patient’s own tissue to provide permanent and natural lip fullness. This leads to a more permanent, natural, and appealing look that will make others say “wow!”

Who Can Benefit from Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation can be great for anyone with thin lips. Even those who believe their lips are too thin to benefit from lip injections or to look natural after such a procedure have often been surprised by the results we can achieve for them. Best of all, Dr. Galitz has years of experience with lip enlargement procedures, so you can rest assured that your lips will look natural, beautiful, plump, and flirtatious.

What Does Lip Enhancement Entail?

At Aventura Plastic Surgery, Miami’s best plastic surgeon, Dr. Galitz, performs the procedure in our office-based surgical suite or in a nearby outpatient facility. Typically, the procedure only requires local anesthesia, and can take as little as ten minutes for filler injections or up to one hour for surgery.

For Dr. Galitz’s proprietary dermal fat graft procedure, Dr. Galitz removes fat and dermis from the lower abdomen above the suprapubic area. This graft is then placed into the lips through a small incision. This results in permanent yet natural enlargement of the lips.

Filler procedures, on the other hand, simply require the filler to be injected directly into the lips. Unlike the dermal fat graft, filler injections are temporary and will require follow-up procedures to maintain the results.

How Long is the Recovery Period?

Patients can expect to walk in, have a lip injection procedure, and walk back out with zero recovery time. For dermal fat graft procedures, on the other hand, the recovery takes approximately one to two weeks. Either procedure may result in a little swelling and/or bruising. The dermal graft may create some discomfort which can be treated with medication. Stitches for the surgical procedures are removed after one week, at which time work and most other normal activities can be resumed. Complications are typically rare but may include prolonged lip swelling.

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