4 Skin-Harming Habits That You Should Fix Now

Every woman wants a beautifully smooth and flawless skin, but not every woman is willing to get into good skincare habits. Taking good care of your skin can bring you great results in the long run. If you dedicate a fair amount of time to take the appropriate care of your skin,  it will respond by looking vibrant, youthful and glowy. Here are some of the top 4 skin-harming habits you might not know you’re doing:

  1. You Drink Small Amounts of Water

Among the many benefits of drinking water, having a healthy-looking skin is one of the most obvious ones – as we look at the mirror every day! A hydrated skin will look beautiful and moisturized. Water is necessary to keep the skin moisturized, deliver essential nutrients, and promote skin elasticity (which prevents sagging and wrinkles).

  1. You Don’t Moisturize Your Skin Daily

Daily moisturizer works hand in hand with keeping yourself hydrated. In fact, people with oily skin often find that moisturizing helps because the skin over produces oil to compensate for when it is dry. Too much oil can cause acne and a shiny appearance.

  1. Sunscreen is Not Your BFF

If there is one thing that you must protect your skin from is the sun. Even though you may be wearing sunscreen when you go to the pool or to the beach, it is important that you wear it on a daily basis if you want to prevent wrinkles and skin damage. A good option is to use a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin and keep it hydrated.

  1. You’re Sleeping on Your Face

First things first: get proper sleep – 7 to 8 hours – in order to prevent bags and fatigued facial expressions. Secondly, find a position where your face is not smashed. Sleeping on your stomach can apply regular pressure on your face that can lead to wrinkles over time. Additionally, not changing your pillowcase or bed sheets regularly can lead to bacteria formed by transferred oils and dirt from your face to your bed – maybe causing acne.

Treatments like Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Voluma, and Botox can restore volume and fullness to your skin. If you’ve had poor skincare habits and you’re looking for a treatment to make your skin look flawless, Dr. Richard Galitz will help you find the right treatment for you in order to restore your skin and look vibrant.